Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet)


If you have been to Japan or to a Japanese restaurant, you will often see Tonkatsu (pork cutlet in English) and often think, hmmm, this is delicious, why yes, I will pay $14.95 again for this tasty meal. Good news, you can cook this for a lot cheaper.

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Lumpiang Shanghai

As a Filipino, one of the most requested foods I get from friends and co-workers is “Lumpia”. Being in the western hemisphere it is already understood that they want this fried version of lumpia or “Lumpiang Shanghai”. I think its a safe assumption that they want them this way, rather than fresh, since fried twinkies and whatnot are available at town fairs all over America. I digress…

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A fresh start

You might be wondering why your favorite recipe vanished, the answer is simple.

I reset the site.


Because I need a fresh start.

This site used to be ran by two other people but I now decided to run solo. I will be typing in a new About Me section so you know what to expect. I am pretty excited to re start this venture and hoping to make this fun for everyone.